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Welcome to my small corner of the web. If you’re looking to revive yourself and create an extraordinary life, then I can help.  You can Gain Confidence, Harness your best Energy, Feel Calm, and Mindfully create a life you love.  





Holistic Coaching

Take a Holistic Approach by looking at your mind, body, soul and spirit.  Become the best version of yourself.  

Create an extraordinary life.  

Believe in Yourself

What is a Holistic Coach?

A Holistic Health Coach is someone who looks at others from all aspects of their being while seeing them as Whole, Creative, and Resourceful.

What is Mindfulness

Being mindful is being aware of your own mind, thoughts, emotions, energy, and patterns.

How Winslow Can Help

I help people live extraordinary lives.  I do this by helping you dream big and take action.  You get to create powerful habits and thoughts that align with who you are becoming.  

Holistic Coach

I help you harness your best energy in body, mind, and soul.  You get to become your whole creative self with a Holistic approach.

Mindfulness Techniques

Learn to break bad habbits by recognizing your beliefs, & patterns. Learn how to manage your own mind and thoughts to acheive your desired outcome. 

Nutritional Strategies

I listen deeply to your goals and desires.  If you want more energy and better health, then you can request coaching on Nutritional Strategies. 

Virtual Yoga

Feel calm, flexible, open, strong, and deeply connected with this weekly virtual yoga class.

Meditation in Mountain


My goal is to help you be your best self and live an extraordinary life.  I believe you are a genius and an absolutely amazing person.  I am here to help you see your potential, tap into your own inner wisdom, and create a life you love.  

Vibrant You Coaching

to explore your deepest desires, what is standing in the way, and how you want to create the extraordinary life you are wanting.

Easeful Living Course

A Self Paced Course evoted to your own personal growth, expansion, and well-being.

100% Self Care

What percentage do you currently take care of?









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