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What to Expect

Coaching with Winslow





What is coaching?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the professional society for coaches and defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

What to Expect in Holistic Coaching?

Safe Place

Coaching is a safe connected space for you to explore your deepest desires, what is standing in the way, and how you want to create the extraordinary life you are wanting.

Expert Guidance

Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful, and whole.

About Winslow

I am a leadership coach who focuses on tapping into the deep desires of my clients and helping them dream big.  I am a Certified Yoga Health Coach and I help people develop healthy habits.  I have healed my body, and I help others heal.  I am an athlete and I take people on adventures.  I am a guide both in the mountains and in helping people get what they want in life.  

What can you expect from me?

During our sessions, my complete attention and focus will be on you. I will listen deeply and ask probing questions to learn more about your perspective, beliefs, values, and patterns. All of our conversations will be confidential. I believe that in order to foster a strong coaching partnership, it is important to create a space of safety and trust.  We will bring out your brilliance so that you see what you are capable of being and creating in this world.  I will push you to expand your mind, try new things, be bold, and take action so you can experience massive transformation.   

During our Sessions

Safe Space

I will aim to create a safe space for us to connect where you can lay everything you want on the table without fear.  In this space, you can be bold, try new things and explore your desires.  

Personal Growth

I will aim to Serve instead of Please you. This means I am committed to your personal growth and wellbeing more than seeking approval from you so that you can experience massive transformation.


I play in the space of challenging your growth edge, pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, and pointing out limiting beliefs. You get to experience your biggest insights that are life-changing and transformative.


Be authentic! I aim to leave nothing unsaid and to cover up nothing, meaning that I am committed to being open with you about what I see, hear, and feel to best serve you and not miss the most valuable moments for expansion. I request the same from you.


I will be attentive to your energy, thoughts, emotions, body language, and needs, and check-in with you often. You let me know what you are thinking and experiencing. This is a safe space where you are becoming extraordinary.


I will see you as creative, resourceful, and whole.  I will draw out of you your brilliance and creativity.  You gain access to your own inner wisdom as you explore what happens when you tune into yourself.  

wholistic freedom

What do I expect from you?

  1. Be open and authentic.  There is no one to impress only a life to design.  
  2. Share with me your needs and desires. Don’t hold back.  
  3. Think about what you are really desire so I can help you get what you want.    
  4. Show up like this is the most important thing you can be doing with totally focus and presence.   
  5. Be open to exploring your own mind, body, soul to get to know your own patterns. 
  6. Allow yourself to access your own inner wisdom.  It takes practice.  
  7. Be courageous.   

Health Coaching

If you are interested in receiving health coaching at the end or as part of the session please request it. I can put on my Wellness Guide hat and we can explore this realm. Importantly, we will first explore what you are wanting, why it is important to you now, and what is standing in your way.

My Expertise in addition to Coaching:

Showing up for the calls: