My ability to handle stressful situations has increased tremendously, I am more patient, my responses are more thoughtful and sometimes not at all, and I have tapped into more inner strength and even deeper awareness.
Vonnie Testimonial
Physical Therapist

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?


You have achieved a lot and pushed yourself hard making more commitments than you can sustain. Your breath is short, as is your temper and patience with yourself and others. You deeply desire to feel peace and find integration in your own being. You want to be a better example for your family. You know that finding your center is the key to your health and happiness.


You have too much going on. You can't keep up with it all. You are rushing around anxious or frustrated. Habitually, you get pulled into old patterns or bad habits. You feel like you are just getting by. Your energy is going out in too many directions. You know it is time to slow things down. You would love to feel calm and on track with your life.


You have survived a lot, learned a ton, and can handle anything that comes your way, yet your patience is wearing thin. You are tired of fighting and struggling. You are ready to rejuvenate and get your power back.


You worry about what others think of you. You also judge yourself. Therefore, your self talk is critical as it try's to motivate you to take action and be better. You imagine that you could fell a lot better if you were confident and accepting of yourself.

trying to do it all

You don't like asking for help. You take on too much. You wonder if having support is just what you need to accelerate your growth path. You know that learning to ask for what you want and need can bring you immense Freedom. Setting boundaries is something you would love to be better at doing, & you sense that it is essential to your health.

lack of Self-care

You have so much going on, that you have neglected to take care of yourself. You old habits are no longer serving and you feel like you are getting old. You think that you should really take better care of yourself, but don't have time. You sense there is a deep inner wisdom that is trying to speak to you if you slow down enough to listen.

People rely on you

You have been leading your family, work community, friends, and people look to you for help. Certainly, you need to find balance so that you don't burn yourself out. Conversely, you want to build up others around you in a way that empowers them instead of doing things for them. In addition, you sense that teaching others, delegating, and helping others find their own power would serve you all better.


Extraordinary You

Would you like to

Feel a sense of Harmony

When you slow things down, lower your stress, and tap into your intuition, you start to find this sense of balance in harmony in your own being. Creating resonance between your thoughts, feelings, and actions is key to you feeling your best and reaching your highest.

Create Peace

If you are running around feeling rushed and too busy, you are certainly not alone. The good news is that you are creating this life of yours and you can create a sense of peace and calm for yourself. You get to own your energy, your life, and your outcomes. You are way more powerful than you realize.

Feel Energized

It is time to call your energy back. Find where you are losing energy. Stop the drain. Then understand what really helps you feel energized in body, mind, and soul. When you feel energized imagine what you can create in the world.

Give yourself permission to ask for help

Your voice matters, your needs matter. So often we put our needs aside and don't ask for what we want and need. First you get to listen to yourself to figure out what you need. Next you get to create it, ask for it, and manifest it. Take the weight of the world off your shoulders. Everyone around is is creative, resourceful, and whole. They can handle it.

SLow things down

Are you going so fast that you are missing out on the most important things in life? What is important to you? Your health, your kids, being in nature, your relationships, laughter, play? When you slow down, you get to enjoy your life and make sure you are intentionally placing your energy where you most want it to go. At the end of your life, you do not want to look back and wonder why you rushed around doing who knows what.

BE the leader you want to be

As Gandhi say, "Be the change you want to see in the world.". Who is it you want to be? Who are you becoming? When you embody your best self, everyone pays attention. You are an example for your kids, your spouses, your coworkers, etc. Your energy matters!