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Do You Feel...


not fully present?

You find yourself distracted, rushing, or unable to deeply listen to others.  Your mind is often in the future thinking of your to-do list, or in the past frustrated.  You miss out on deeper connections with family, friends, or at work because you are not fully present.  


You have too much going on. You can't keep up with it all. You are rushing around anxious or frustrated. Habitually, you get pulled into old patterns or bad habits that don't serve you. Your energy is going out in too many directions. You are missing joy in your life.  You are easily agitated.


When you think about what you want to leave behind in this world, you realize you are not making the impact that you want to make.  You lack passion for the work you do.  You sense there is something bigger here for you.  You are afraid to embrace the dream that is brewing inside you.  You know you are capable of more. 

too much?

You don't like asking for help. You take on too much. You find it hard to say no.  Boundaries have always been a challenge for you.  You feel underappreciated and overworked.  You have achieved a lot and push yourself hard making more commitments than you can sustain.  You would rather be spending your time doing something that fulfills you instead of accommodating others.

low energy?

There is something in your life that is draining you.  You know you could eat better, sleep better, and have more energy than you do.  Old habits like drinking, staying up late, pleasing others, not stretching, eating too much, eating unhealthy, or pushing too hard are catching up to you.  You sometimes think, "Getting Old Sucks", or "I just can't do the things I used to be able to do." 

settling for less?

Your desires are only halfway met.  What you really want seems out of reach.  Your settle for less because you don't want to rock the boat.  You don't even know what you really want.  You are playing small and you know it. 

stuck in pleasing others?

You don't fully ask for what you really want.  You say what you think others will want to hear.  You don't want to hurt others' feelings.  You sacrifice your needs for others.  Playing small, pleasing others & not asking for what you want are drowning your dreams before they have a chance to take a breath.  


YOUR Wild Side

Be Present

Learn here how to slow things down, lower your stress, and tap into your intuition. Find harmony in your mind and soul. Create resonance between your thoughts, feelings, and actions so you are fully present at work, socially, and at home.  

Experience Fulfillment

Dive into your wildest desires, pull them from the depths of the unknown into the light so that you can breathe life into them.  Imagine that which inspires you.  Finally, take bold action and learn, grow, & create.  Do it one step at a time & one insight at a time, and you will manifest a fulfilling life.  

Enroll others in your Vision

Paint a picture of your vision so powerfully that people can't wait to get on board and create with you.  You can move mountains.   

Slow Things Down

Slow things down to speed up.  Course correct and drive your energy to where you really want it to go.  Breath life into your dreams, your health, and your potential.  When we are going too fast, we screw things up.  Slow down so you can be present & intentional with what you create.  

be a Leader

As Gandhi says, "Be the change you want to see in the world.".  Now is your chance to embody everything that you believe in and live it in this world.  Make the impact you want to make, be an example for others, inspire others, and be the leader you most want to be.  

Feel Energized

Call your energy back into what is really important to you so you can feel vibrant and alive in body, mind, and soul.  Feel unstoppable so you can play hard, be focused and productive, and be fully present with those you love. 

Her presence is calming. She has a way of lightening the situation which was very helpful and appropriate. I also loved a visualization she did.