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How it Works

In a coaching partnership with me, you get to focus on unearthing your deepest desire and discovering what sets your soul on fire.  To get started, you book a free coaching session with me.  Then, if we are a good fit,  we will have a deeper coaching call where you create a vision for your life that feels amazing.  Next, we legitimize your dream as we look into how it would feel, what you would be thinking, and what it would give you to live in that vision.  If you don’t truly feel like you deserve it or if it doesn’t really light you up, then you will not be able to create it.  Through curiosity and exploration, you gain insight into where you are going, what is possible, why it is so important, and what is standing in your way.  Following this, we design a road map as to how you want to get there.  Most importantly, you get good at using your own inner wisdom to create the best path for you.  Finally you manifest your reality at the pace that is perfect for you as you move one step at a time.  This is a process of Mindfulness & Deep Connection to your inner being. Excitingly, you get to see new possibilities and creatively design your life.  You get to feel alive, energetic, and fulfilled which is something most people spend a lifetime chasing.    Now is the time to break the mold and CULTIVATE YOUR WILD SIDE. 


We form a creative partnership that allows you to explore your wildest desires so you can create a vision for your life that truly lights you up.  Our desires often show up as irritations around what we don’t want or as a formless concept.  You get to nourish your desires into something that feels really good.

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Self Talk


You get to step into new possibilities.  Seeing your life from a birds-eye view allows you to imagine many options so that you never have to feel trapped ad stuck again.  We open the doors to transformation one insight at a time.  An Insight is where something inside your brain shifts and you see the world from a different perspective.  One insight can change everything.  

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I love working with Winslow because she lives what she preaches, she is intelligent, strong, kind, loving, and full of hope and inspiration. I admire her deeply and I feel like that's why working with her was so wonderful. She gives you a lot to strive for.
Mom, Dancer, Server


We explore what is standing in your way of being who you want to be.  You get to overcome any challenges in your way by seeing the big picture, creating, and trusting your inner compass.  We all run on old survival programs of thought, feelings, and behaviors.  When we recognize the limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding us back, then we have the power to create something new.  You will remove the blocks that have kept you stuck for years and then you will soar.  

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You choose where you want to go and how you want to get there. You learn to take imperfect action, be bold, and enroll others in your visions.  You have an inner wisdom that can guide you, we cultivate that.  You become so present that hard things start to become easy, life takes on an energetic flow that seems to magically reveal exactly what you want and need.  You gain skills  of intuition, presence, and influence to last a lifetime. 

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My ability to handle stressful situations has increased tremendously, I am more patient, my responses are more thoughtful and sometimes not at all, and I have tapped into more inner strength and even deeper awareness.
Vonnie Testimonial
Physical Therapist

Feel Powerful

Whatever you focus on is what you create. Focus on the most beautiful vision of your life that you can imagine.