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Healing your Adrenals & Energy

How much stress are you experiencing every day?  

It’s uncomfortable and harmful to always be in a stress response.  And yet so familiar.  I used to run around in a stress response all the time. I was rushing around, running into things, dropping things, and putting undue stress on my loved ones.  Understanding my mind and emotions and breathing into a new space made my life more peaceful.  I still work on it daily.  

Healing anxiety is a physical and mental practice.  Lowering adrenaline can help immensely.  Too much adrenaline is corrosive and wears out the adrenals causing fatigue, weight gain, and a sluggish liver.  You can do some things to help lower your stress and protect your adrenals.  

Three things to protect your Adrenals & Energy!  

1. Catch the stress response and shift.
Here is how: 
a. Pause and feel
b. Focus on your breathing
c. Imagine your nerves relaxing
d. Soften your shoulders, neck, jaw, and body. 
e. Choose a better feeling thought like:  
“At this moment, I am ok.”
“I can handle anything that comes my way.” 

2. Eat adrenal snacks:
Grazing heals your adrenals. Eat a healthy, nutrient-rich, low-fat, adrenal snack (like below) every 1.5-2hr.  If you run low on glucose, the adrenals must release adrenaline to get you by.  A combination of glucose (fruit, sweeter veggies) and minerals (greens/cucumber/celery) is the key to recovery.  This is a Medical Medium tool. You can learn more here about Adrenal Fatigue here
a. Apples, celery, and dates
b. Bananas, dates, and romaine lettuce
c. Cauliflower, apple, cucumber

3. Reduce your caffeine. 
When stressed, we often run on fumes and use caffeine.  This can wear out our adrenals. Caffeine can lead to hair loss, anxiety, insomnia, rapid aging, and weight gain. There is an excellent chapter on caffeine in the Brain Saver books.  

I gave up caffeine 9 years ago and feel so much better.  Instead of ramping my body up with caffeine and calming it with alcohol, I go all-natural.  This saves my brain and liver and allows them to recover from all the abuse they endured in the first 40 years of my life.  It’s not as difficult as you may think. Reducing caffeine is powerful too. Can you have one cup of coffee instead of multiple?   Try to avoid energy drinks. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical.

Please feel free to reach out if you want help with your physical, mental, or emotional health goals.  I am offering 3 free coaching sessions this month.  If you are interested, please email me today.  

This blog is also helpful for reducing anxiety and learning to love you.

What is one action step you could take to reduce your stress or support your adrenals this week?  

Hey SLC locals, below is an event you will love.  I am going and excited to learn from Sri Sri, a loving force in this world, helping us find inner peace & wisdom.  
Please update me on what is happening in your world.  I love hearing from you.

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