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Gain control of your life, as you master your mind, and create Healthy Habits to last a lifetime.  

Healthy Habits Course

Implement Healthy Habits so you can soar with an abundance of energy.  This 12-Week Online Group Course helps you embody habits for maximum well-being, energy, and vitality. Without strong habits, your body feels old, your soul is frustrated and weak, and your mind is anxious and overwhelmed.  Do you feel like you are aging quickly?  It doesn't have to be that way.  These are habits to support you for a lifetime. 

Habits of Mind

This online course helps you lower your stress, collaborate with your mind, and learn from your emotions.  In this process, you cultivate ease, vitality, and power as you tap into the deep inner desires that are always there to guide you.  You will learn specific tools to help you shift in a matter of moments from overwhelm to ease, from struggle to opportunity, and from pain to wellness.  You will learn how to guide your mind to powerfully serve you.  

Winslow truly cares about your well-being which is reflected in her compassion and knowledge in many areas. I highly recommend working with her. Her intuitive nature will uncover exciting new directions.
Textile Designer, Creative, Backcountry skier​