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What is Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness?

How I Discovered Mindfulness and

When I first began my Journey learning about the Habits of Ayurveda in 2013, I started looking closely at my own thoughts and energy.  Surprisingly, what I found was that I was always in a stress response with anxiety and overwhelm.  Even though, I don’t think it was obvious from the outside.

Thinking about the future and my to do list was just where my mind went.  I always felt behind, hurried, and really like I was never doing enough.  This did come to a shock to me as I was a yogi and had done a lot of work on me.  Se la vi, the first recognition is heartbreaking and eye opening.  

Undoubtedly, I realized this wasn’t working for me, when I found myself rushing my 1 year old off the grass to do some other thing.  And for what purpose?  Because I was anxious and wanted to move.  

Mindfulness creates a shift

Slowly, I began to shift my mind one thought at a time to the present moment.  I paid attention to my limiting beliefs, where they came from, and how they had served me.  Then I chose better thoughts and repeated them until they became something that uplifted me instead of holding me back. 

For example, I stopped my old pattern of repetitive thoughts and brought in the mantra, “Greatest Love.”.  I would say “Greatest” on the inhale, and “Love” on the exhale.  With persistence, over time, I had a new pattern, felt more relaxed, more in control, and abundantly creative.  

What is mindfulness to me?

So Mindfulness to me is when I am aware of my own mind, thoughts, emotions, energy, and patterns.  Similarly, when I can recognize, feel, listen, analyze, understand, and learn from my emotions, then I can expand and grow.  I can respond instead of reacting with defensiveness as was my habit. I noticed my addiction to Drama, and became essentially more accountable.  

In addition, listening to my body has been a huge part of me becoming more mindful.  Certainly, this helped me avoid the injury cycle that I was creating.  

I practice Mindfulness when I first wake up to direct my thoughts and energy in a powerful way.  Sometimes toward gratitude, other days toward recognizing and feeling deep connection with all human beings and living creatures, to feel a sense of oneness with all.  

My top 8 Mindfulness Practices: 

  • Better Posture – noticing how I stand, sit, and walk
  • Cultivating gratitude while doing dishes
  • Enjoying silence and observing myself while driving
  • Showering with song, joy, and presence
  • Singing while cleaning
  • Listening more deeply to loved ones
  • Catching a stress response and shifting out of it
  • Intention setting – I practice my power to create with intentions

So I am curious, how about you?  How have you become more mindful over time? 

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