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Nutritional Strategies

Vibrant nutrient rich foods can bring you vitality and energy to take on life with the maximum amount of enery.


By using mindfulness, you will experience a feeling of calm and centered no matter what comes your way.

My personal experience with the Higher Health course has been transforming. I set an intention before taking the course that I wanted to support my personal growth to find my true life purpose. I have been exploring living more authentically and with an open heart. Winslow has an amazing ability to listen, support, explore, educate, and inspire.
Physical Therapist, Ski Coach, Inventor

Donation Yoga

Feel calm, flexible, open, strong, and deeply connected with this weekly virtual yoga class.


We focus on you and your desires so that you can  gain clarity and enthusiasm as you deeply explore who you are and what you are creating.


Vibrant SELF

Give yourself the time and support you've been putting off.