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Healthy Mind Course

By exploring the science and research of habit change, this course offers practices and daily habits to refine over a lifetime. This immersion has had a powerful impact on people who feel they don’t have the time to take care of themselves because their lives are just “too busy”.  I know what that’s like, because I’ve been there.




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Healthy Mind Course: What You’ll Gain?

  • Understanding why we get distracted, why it’s so difficult to find focus, why we procrastinate, and why we get plagued with indecision
  • How to structure your day and environment for greater clarity, focus and meaningful contribution
  • How to create a focus ritual and train ourselves to stay with important tasks in mindfulness
  • How to deal with our most common obstacles, like interruptions, emails, and the urge to run to distraction
  • How to simplify your day and create a more deliberate pace
  • How to cut out distractions

Features & Benefits of the Course

  1. Four week-long modules (plus an intro module to help you get set up for success), each featuring short, easily digestible video lessons.
  2. Daily training to implement each module’s core ideas.
  3. My recommended daily structure and rituals for greater focus and mindfulness.
  4. Bonus videos: morning routines and my favorite tools for focus


To Get the Most Out of the Course

  • Be disciplined so that you get the most out of this work.
  • Have a journal with you to jot things down after each meditation or video.
  • Your growth will be based on the energy you put into this work.
  • When you fully do all these practices, your life will unfold in ways you
    never dreamed possible.




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