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How to Collaborate with your Mind:

One Insight can Change Everything: 

When we have an insight into life, a change of perspective, the ability to see something with new eyes, it can change everything.  Often we are stuck, yet we don’t know what is holding us back. If we do know, we don’t know how to change it.  We live through old thoughts and patterns, and lament at how we keep creating the same result.  Furthermore, we may walk around with low confidence living from a place of fear.  

As a coach, I help people sink deep into their desires, and aim with each conversation to draw out one’s inner wisdom, a shift of perspective, and insight so that their life is changed forever.  

Here is one shift of perspective that I got from Marisa Peer from her TedX talk here.  It is so powerful that I feel strongly drawn to share it with you and the world.  

What others have said: 

One loved one said it impacted her so much, that she was finally able to say “No” to her brain about having a glass of wine.  She celebrated exclaiming, “I finally realize that I am in control of my brain.”  

Another friend said, “It takes Mind over Matter to a whole new level.”

Certainly, I agree.  Marisa, who is rated Britain’s #1 therapist, explains how the brain works, and 4 things you need to know to collaborate with your brain, that I will list below.  

Your Most Powerful Collaborations: 

  1. Your Mind
  2. Your Emotions
  3. Your Body
  4. Your Heart

First, we must collaborate with the heart and the gut so that we can truly understand our deepest desires.  So many of us, don’t even know what we want.  So sync deep into your body right now and feel.  If there is a strong sense of what you don’t want, then turn it upside down until you know what you do want.  Then, feel it so fully that it permeates every cell of your being.  

Your desires lead you to your purpose and to a meaningful life. 

Next, now that you know your inner desires, you can work with your brain to get exactly what you want.  

Finally, emotions arise and we most often fight to make them go away.  Conversely, in a relationship of collaboration you choose to feel every emotion, ask it what it is trying to communicate, and use the power of that emotion to move through this world.  With determination, ground the emotions fully in your body, so that you can be moved by them instead of frozen and terrified.  

And now, I want to share with you what Marisa says about the Mind. 

There are 4 things you need to know in order to collaborate with your mind: 

  1. Your mind does exactly and specifically what it thinks you want.  It acts in your best interest.  It is listening to everything you say. 
  2. The brain is hardwired to move you toward pleasure and away from pain. 
  3. The way you feel about everything comes down to 2 things, – the pictures in your head, and the words you say to yourself. 
  4. Your brain loves the familiar.  It goes with whatever is programmed over and over again.  So if you want to exceed at any level, she says, then you have to make what is familiar, unfamiliar and what is unfamiliar, familiar.  

Once you are clear on what you really want, then you can tell your brain that you really, really want it.  You may have some fear or pain associated with it.  You must change that.  


Let’s say you want to lose weight, but you love eating delicious foods like pizza, donuts chocolate, bread, eggs, cheese, butter, etc.  You associate pleasure with these foods, and pain to a big green salad, celery juice, and smoothies.

Then let’s say, you write a new story, you tell your body, emotions, and mind.  I want this.  I love eating healthy foods, I love feeling slim and energetic.  I choose this.  And for the other foods, you link them to pain by saying, I am sick and tired of being sick, overweight, and stuck.  

Next, you have to got to make the new choices familiar to your body, emotions, and brain by doing them consistently, over and over.  Sing when you eat these foods, celebrate every small success.  Notice the old patterns and desires as they arise and tell your body and mind, no, we are not going there because I have this deep desire to feel great.   

“It is our fear that stops us from taking on new challenges”.  – Mohammad Ali  

Notably, Mohammid Ali told himself he was ‘the best’ long before he was. 

‘First, you make your beliefs, and then your beliefs make you.  

Then other people believe in you too.  Once you stretch your mind into new potential, it will never go back.  

Your potential expands as you move towards it.  Make self-belief so normal to you that everyone else believes in you too.’ – Marisa Peer

Beliefs you could choose to lose weight: 

  1. I love eating healthy foods.
  2. I eat the exact perfect amount. 
  3. I am strong.  
  4. I am powerful.  
  5. I love my body. 
  6. I am fit. 
  7. I am at my perfect body weight. 

Change your pictures in your mind, and change your words, to align with who you are becoming. 

A goal is not something to move toward, but something to move from.  Embody your desire, create the goal, feel the success of it, picture it, and declare pleasure in taking the necessary actions to get there, and pain to staying in the old patterns.  

You are capable of way more than you realize.  Watch Marisa’s talk here and let it move you.  

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