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Holistic Healing or Wholitsic Healing?

Holistic Healing or Wholitsic Healing?

What is Holistic Healing?

Let’s go to the etymology of the word.  

The word Holistic was coined by Jan Christian Smuts in the 1920’s who said Holistic Healing means : 

As Merriam Webster says,  Viewing the universe in terms of “wholes”—that is, organisms and systems instead of molecules and atoms—he derived holism from the Greek word holos, meaning “whole.” In his 1926 book Holism and Evolution, he defines holism as “[the] tendency in nature to form wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts through creative evolution.”

What Holistic Healing Means to Me: 

So, with holistic healing we take into account the Whole Person – Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.  

This means that to heal a physical injury you may look into many aspects of your life from emotions, to stress, to how you sit, what you eat, what you think, your beliefs and patterns, your energy, when and how much you sleep, your desires, and your spiritual well-being, etc.  

I adopt this Wholistic approach because this is how I have healed my body, mind, and soul.  Looking at the individual parts/symptoms failed to create any healing for me and was beginning to look like a lot of surgeries.  

(Wrist story could go here)

For example, I had wrist pain for 6 years.  I couldn’t hold a fry pan.  It hurt everytime I moved in the night, and I had to stop climbing.  After one surgery, and 6 months of rehab, the pain was still there.  The solution from the orthopedic was to remove another bone.  

A huge red flag went up for me and every cell in by being screamed NO!  I set on a mission to create healing in my body.  I changed my diet, I worked with my fear and limiting beliefs, I practiced gratitude, and I continually told my body that it could heal and that I was well.  I tried many paths and in the end learned how to heal my wrist.  What an amazing teacher it has been.  

What are you doing for your healing?  

Are you seeing the big picture, looking at your whole being from thoughts to emotions to energy?  It works! 

Furthermore, I want you to know that I chose to see myself and others as ‘Whole, Resourceful, and Creative’.  I will always hold you in that light until you can feel and see the same.  I believe we can heal ourselves.  

Now, this doesn’t mean that I don’t use Western medicine.  I believe we have great medicine and resources.  A Holistic Approach can fit in with what your doctor recommends.  It can supplement your healing.  And maybe you will teach your doctor and yourself something new.  

We have so many resources available today, we must discern and tap into our own inner wisdom to truly heal.  

Who Needs Holistic Healing?

In my one perspective of the universe, I think we all do.  You will be drawn to this in a variety of situations such as below: 

  • Your current thing you are trying in not working
  • You are sick and tired of suffering
  • Something doesn’t feel right in what you are trying
  • You get the feeling there is a better way
  • You think, “something is missing here, or this doesn’t seem right.”
  • You feel desperate
  • You have a mystery illness or condition
  • You want to try more than what is being offered to you to increase your chances of success
  • You are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or experiencing a lot of fear

So, if you relate to any of these, and want to try an integrated approach, then  ???….

…. Reach out to me

…. Start looking around

…. Get curious

…. Meditate

How to Find Holistic Healing?

This may take some exploration.  We have so much available now, that it is overwhelming at times.  

Here are some tips: 

  1. Reach out don’t freak out
  2. Get Curious
  3. Ask your higher-self/mind
  4. Ask friends or others who have healed what works
  5. Research online
  6. Read

My point of view is one in the universe.  I encourage you to find your own and learn from many others while paying attention to what resonates with you.  We can never find all the answers outside of us.  It is important to deeply listen to your own inner being.  You are full of Wisdom and Creativity.   I love helping people tap into that.  

Here are the skills I have to offer: 

  • Leadership Coaching – coaching is a partnership of deep listening and exploration to help you understand your desires, what is holding you back, and how you can move forward.  It taps into your own inner wisdom from all parts of your being. 
  • Nutrition Coaching – food can help us heal and there is a plethora of philosophies.  I enjoy sharing the perspective that I eventually found that has helped me heal my wirst, back, and knee.  I truly believe in the power of food to uplift us, heal us, and help us create the well-being and longevity for which we are looking.  
  • Ayurveda Habits Coaching – Learn the habits of Ayurveda that get you in sync with nature’s rhythms (your circadian clock) so that you can find balance, have more energy, and feel great.  
  • Adventures in the Outdoors – I have two guide companies and we take individuals, groups, and family on adventures of a lifetime.  What I love most about guiding is that I get to be a part of people doing more than they ever thought possible, gaining confidence and strength in their minds and bodies.  And it certainly fills the soul.  I love sharing the experience of beauty, fun,and exhilaration with others in the wild.    
  • Cultivating Peace – I have a course in cultivating peace where you get to learn how to recognize and shift out of a stress response, change limiting beliefs, and experience joy.  

Furthermore, I am happy to suggest and refer you to other resources that can help you on your healing journey.  

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