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What is a Holistic Diet

What is Holistic Diet?

Let’s go back to the meaning of the word Holistic.  It means to look at the whole instead of just the parts.  To me, if I am being Wholistic (looking at my whole being), and then I get to decide what to eat based on what is best for all parts of my being in Body, Mind, and Soul. You can read more on What is a Holistic Health Coach.

I like to give my body the most nutrient-dense foods which are; fruits and veggies.  

No doubt, I have been on, what I would call, an “accelerated path of evolution” with my eating choices since 2013 when I had my son Bodhi.  I have been on a mission to heal my body.  Which I have done in many ways and keep learning how to do more.  Then that morphed into a relationship of deep love where my desire to give my body the best has become more important than all the satisfying unhealthy foods I use to consume and feel like I could not live without.  I am still on this path and have more to learn.  

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Honestly, the path has not been easy.  I have had to replace a lot of old habits with new ones.  Shifting stubborn thoughts and beliefs is challenging and mind-blowing.  For sure, I remember thinking, 

“ There is no way I can shift this and here is my list of reasons why!”

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Yet, as I continued to study, feel, learn, listen, and understand more clearly, I began to see the importance of changing some of my habits like:  

  • Going to be earlier
  • Eating earlier
  • Eating better
  • Eating mindfully, etc. 

And hey, if you are just starting out on making some changes, then I encourage you to have compassion for yourself.  It is a journey.  Unquestionably, there are some strategies that can really help.  

Important things to understand about the journey

  1. Knowledge is motivating –  deeper understanding = excitement to shift
  2. Mindset is key – You can not create a new reality for yourself with the same beliefs
  3. Self-talk is important – What you say in your mind, the body will follow (Listen)
  4. Learning to understand your emotions and utilize them.  Indeed, emotions, food, and habits are all intertwined.  What you feel and think about you, influences the choices you make. 
  5. Habit change is science. There are tools to help you make lasting change in your life. Transformation is possible.  I wonder, how big can you dream? 
  6. Get really in tune with you and LISTEN! – Develop your intuition

How to Eat Wholistically?

In Body: 

  1. Eat things grown from the earth
  2. Grow your own food
  3. Grow sprouts in your kitchen
  4. Reduce/eliminate animal products
  5. Reduce/Minimize fat
  6. Avoid overeating
  7. Chew your food well
  8. Eat mostly fruits and veggies

How to Eat Wholistically?

With Mindfulness: 

  1. Slow things down
  2. Notice your thoughts
  3. Understand how your thoughts/emotions affect your eating choices/habits
  4. Eat Mindfully
  5. Give Thanks
  6. Feel your emotions as they arise
  7. Let go of being right
  8. Have an open mind


How to Eat Wholistically?

From the Soul: 

  1. Connect with the food you are eating with gratitude
  2. Breath well
  3. Slow things down
  4. Listen
  5. Trust yourself
  6. Develop your intuition
  7. Feel
  8. Be bold
  9. Be Creative
  10. Be loving and kind to yourself

Mindful Eating Activity:

  1. Turn off your phone for a minute or silence it. 
  2. Find some fruit like an apple, orange, banana, grape, watermelon, or pineapple.  
  3. Create a plate with beautiful slices as you practice gratitude.  
  4. At the same time, smile and hum your favorite tune.  
  5. Certainly, you can dance if you want to.  
  6. Then go outside with your fruit.  Sit on the earth in the sunshine (bring a blanket and a cup of herbal tea with honey if you like.).  
  7. Finally, eat very slowly, chew the slices well, 
  8. Suck the juice out of your food and taste its delight
  9. Savor the flavors
  10. Enjoy your breath
  11. Notice all of your senses – Smell, sight, sound, taste, and touch
  12. Imagine your food bringing you energy, light, and nutrition.  
  13. Listen. 
  14. Feel. 
  15. Breathe.  
  16. Invite a sense of well-being from the crown of your head to your toes through every cell of your being.  

Now that will be great!  


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