Fall is the season of Healing

When we look to nature and mimick nature, it will guide us to the deepest level of connection, balance, healing, and well-being.

I have a fall cleanse happening next week.

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We will go deep into embracing the fall and cleansing.

So, let us take a look.  We are in the height of fall here in Utah.  The colors are gorgeous and the hills glow with yellow, orange, and reds.  The moose are rutting.  The wind is blowing, and the long needed rain is nourishing the earth.

  •  Be open to change!

    • Just like the leaves we get to look inside to where healing is needed.  It is time to grieve.  Grieve the everyday circumstances, grieve the deep things you have avoided, grieve the universal pain.  It takes deep courage to do this.  Look inside and see what you can feel, what can you forgive?
    • The leaves show there true colors.  You also can be authentic with sorry, anger, hurt, and sadness.
    • Stay out of your head.  The head will spin stories and work up into a frizzy.  Place your hands on your heart and just feel.  Feel the actually sensations in your body.
    • Furthermore, be in nature.  Nature is healing, and so beautiful right now.
  • Let Go

    • Just as the leaves fall from the trees, we also have to let go of whatever is holding us back.  We have to feel it, and then let it go.  The leaves fall to the earth and decay to give nourishment to the earth so that something new can grow.
    • Most importantly, we have to let the old die so that the new can emerge.  This is happening everyday in your body.  Cells die and news cells are born.  If we hang onto the past then we stay stuck.  What old beliefs, patterns, or habits can you let die?
  • Plant a new seed

    • What is the new intention, habit, belief that you want to live into.  Really listen to your deepest desires to know the answers here.  When we are ill we have a deeper desire to be well.  Every challenge carries with it a desire.  Every desire has a pathway to be born.  What are your desires?
    • Journal.  Spend time in nature and write about what is dying, and what is being born.  This is healing.  This will bring clarity.
  • Breath deep

    • Expand your breath so deeply.  Try it now.  Fill up more than you think you can.  Don’t be contracted by the fall, expand into it. The breath is your tool.
  • Stay Hydrated

    • This is so important especially this time of year.  If you get dried out your lymph system can not d it’s job.  Stay hydrated and your body will thrive.
    • Put lemon, lime, ginger or grapefruit in your water to make the water hydrate you better.  You will get better absorption, more minerals, good electrolytes, and it will detox you as well.
    • Drink room temperature or warm water.  Avoid cold water as it will kill your digestive fire.  We need warm, especially this time of year.  Balance colds with warm!
  • Stay Warm

    • Bundle up to protect yourself
    • Use wrist warmers and leg warmers as these are places you loose heat
    • Drink hot tea or water
    • Snuggle in
  • Use Oil

    • Using oil on your skin before showering, oil in your nose morning and night, and oil on your feet is so powerful for your immune system.  Here is a blog to say more about this.
  • Get more sleep

    • We often need more sleep in the transitions of the season.  Honor that in your body if you feel tired.  Get to sleep earlier.  At least by 10pm.

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Embrace the Fall – this is the time of healing
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