Would you like 4 tips to get younger every day?  Who wouldn’t?

  1.  Change your perception of aging.
    • Our beliefs are our biology. Neuroscience studies now show that we can change our brains just by thinking.  When you can imagine what you are wanting and feel the good feeling of it, then a chemical reaction begins in the body as if it has already happened!
    • My stories about aging:  I am getting younger every day.  My body is a powerful healing machine.  I have perfect health.  I love every part of my being from head to toe.  I am grateful.
  2. Get enough exercise to make a difference in your muscle mass and bone density
    • weight-training is so important, body weight is enough.  Aim for 1-3 times a week.  The 3-minute workouts can get you there.  Focus on contracting the muscles powerfully.
  3. Meditate 2 times a day for 20 minutes. 
    • If you are far off here then start with 1 minute or 5 minutes and slowly increase it.  The science is off the charts for the benefits.  Do you want peace, joy, good health, and abundance?  You must take the time to connect spiritually and mentally to make this happen in your life.  It is in meditation that we can become still enough to be aware of our thoughts and reactions that they create in our bodies.  When you become aware of this, then you have a choice.
  4. Take supplements
    • We need anti-oxidants to counteract all the free radicals in the body that cause aging.  We have lots of toxins around us, in our water, soil, and air.  We also do not get the nutrients we use to from food that is picked before ripe and transported long distances.  I take loads of them.  Ask for suggestions if you don’t have something you love.

I have been loving this Deepak Chopra audible book called The Ultimate Deepak Chopra Collection where he shares these 4 tips.  I highly recommend it.



5 tips to get YOUNGER every day

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