5 Steps to Wake up and Feel Great!

Really this is what I going for!  I want to Feel Great all the time.

Do you?  First you have to want it!  

Let me remind you too that you really must get smarter as you get older!  Your habits from your 20’s may not support you well later into a healthy life with lots of energy, deep purpose and longevity!  

Let’s start with a plan to Feel Great first thing in the morning.  I will share with you here my morning shifting ritual and you can design your own.  Be intentional.  We are truly powerful creators.  We can design our lives to be however we like.  In fact, you are designing your life everyday whether consciously or unconsciously.  You get what you ask for whether you like it or not!

Sounds odd?  Our minds can go a thousands ways.  When you learn to guide the mind in the exact direction that you are wanting to go, then you will manifest exactly what you are wanting.

If I am on a rock climb and I start thinking about falling or not wanting to fall, what am I focused on?  Falling.  If I focus on falling I am likely to fall.  If instead I focus on safety, fun, breathing deeply, and see myself succeeding then I get that!

It works with everything.  So shift from fear and worry by changing your focus to what it is that you are deeply desiring!  It’s much more fun that way!

‘Fear is excitement without the breath’ – Fritz Perl, MD
Read about the worry trap in this blog! 


1.  Before you go to sleep at night say to yourself, “I want a deep night’s sleep.  I am going to wake up feeling totally rejuvenated!” 
Say it with a smile, with an open heart, and with joy!

2.  Upon first consciousness, OPEN YOUR HEART!  You may notice that your brain jumps right away to your to do list, maybe it complains about something like not enough sleep or body pains, just take notice of what it does from a place of deep curiosity and non judgment.  Then gently guide it to a place of peace and calm.  Take some deep breaths, physically open your heart area.  Relax your shoulders and the muscles in your face.  Soften.  Pick a mantra to repeat to yourself like:  Open Heart, Greatest Love, Peace and Joy or Hum Sa.  Say one word on the inhale, and one on the exhale.  Feel the essence of the words.

I have been loving the Open Heart theme lately from Michael Singer’s book – Untethered Soul.  This is because, if I am having any hard emotion I don’t have to push it away, instead I just open my heart and create space for it to move through.  This is an opportunity then for me to heal and allow negative emotions that I have been holding to come up and out!

3.  Set your Intentions for the Day!
When we set clear intentions in helps guide us in that direction.   Depending on my day I may set my intentions for the following:

  • Safety and Fun
  • Peace and Joy
  • Deep connection
  • Open Heart
  • Focus and Clarity
  • Creativity and Abundance

In addition, I set my intentions before each new activity of the day!  If you are not clear on what you are intending then you will get drawn into your old patterns or other people’s energy. 4.  Add in one of these:

  • Gratitude/Appreciation – start with something small and easy, like your bed, your pillow, the paint on the walls, your room, anything and then expand it out to your whole house, your friends and family, the planet, and beyond
  • Expand your Perspective –  you are on a small blue and green planet spinning around a star in a single galaxy among an estimated 200-300 billion other galaxies with there own suns and moons.  You are a part of something really big!!!  What happens on this planet in any one day is not that important.  The biggest way you can shift this world, this universe is to be happy and iminate love.  If we all did that there would be no war, no starving children, no arguing, just LOVE!
  • Send Healing Energy to others – think of others in your life and what you want for them.  Send them love and healing.  Avoid thinking about what you don’t want!  Only of the positive!  Remember, what we focus on is what we get!  Focus on well being, safety, happiness, abundance and joy for others!

These practices will raise your vibration!

They will help you feel good and attract to yourself abundance and joy!

5.  Sit up on the edge of your bed and open your arms wide with a big heart space.  Enjoy a deep breath, and then say to yourself, “I am open to all the goodness, joy and abundance in the universe!”  or “I am open to greater amounts of well-being, joy, abundance and success”.

What does a passionate health coach do after that?

I say to myself,  “Water, Meditate and Move” Then I go drink 2-3 big glasses of water and sit down to meditate, and then move.

My movement is usually 30 min of yoga, 3-10 minutes of a HITT type workout, and then running up a mountain with my dog! Moving feels great!  Stretching Feels great!  I love feeling my heartbeat and my lungs expand.

While working out, I say things to myself like, “I am strong, I am powerful!”.  I notice things like ego, comparing myself to others, and self criticism and do the practice of opening my heart and letting it all move through!  Read more here on my morning routine! 

Nutrition tip from Ayurveda:

Eat a ton of veggies!!!

Especially in the Summer we can eat lots of fruits and veggies!

Here is what I do as a busy mom with two businesses!

I cook once a day a big pan of veggies.  If I have time, I chop fresh.  If not, I use frozen organic veggies and just throw it in the pan with some healthy oil like coconut oil and ghee and a little water.  I spice it with yummy spices.

Then I add fermented veggies and yogurt (these give me lots of healthy bacteria and probiotics and make the food taste great) and top it with sprouts (homegrown and so easy).  Here’s how to grow sprouts! 

Then I eat that all day!

Protein –

You need protein too!  Here are the sources I use with the above veggies.

  • Sprouted nuts and seeds
  • Tempe
  • Fish
  • Meat without hormones or antibiotics
  • Eggs
  • Beans – sprouted or canned if short on time and did not plan ahead

I always add Nutritional yeast too as it taste great and has tons of B vitamins!

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5 Steps to Wake up and Feel Great!

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