I am a Health coach, yoga instructor, mountain guide, mom, and wife dedicated to helping people achieve their highest level of wellness. For 20 years, I've worked in wilderness therapy, guiding people on adventures around the world, studying & teaching yoga. My commitment is helping people feel their best, optimize their bodies, move from overwhelm to ease, and have amazing relationships. My goal is to inspire others to step into their deeper purpose & share their gifts with the world.

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Do this 1 thing first, before you leave your job/relationship!!!

Get Happy!!! Thats right!  I recommend you get really centered and happy before leaving your job or relationship!!! Why? When you leave, you take yourself with you!!!!  If you leave a situation and don’t change your perspective/thoughts first then you


Do this one thing to relax your central nervous system

Go on a News Cleanse!!! I challenge you to go for the next 30 days without watching or listening to the news.  Consider it a part of your fall cleanse.  (Did you know it is good to cleanse in the


From Ego to Inner Being

We are the Stories that we tell! Which stories do you tell that don’t serve you? Whatever story you tell in your mind is what you create in life Learn here how to move from ego to inner being so