I am a Health coach, yoga instructor, mountain guide, mom, and wife dedicated to helping people achieve their highest level of wellness. For 20 years, I've worked in wilderness therapy, guiding people on adventures around the world, studying & teaching yoga. My commitment is helping people feel their best, optimize their bodies, move from overwhelm to ease, and have amazing relationships. My goal is to inspire others to step into their deeper purpose & share their gifts with the world.

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Sign up for this 7 day cleanse to feel great

Fall Cleanse Time Reset your digestive system with this 7-day detox! Sign up Here!  With all the toxins in our environment today, it is especially important to detox 2 times a year and clean things out.  As I become more aware,


Why you should go to sleep by 10 pm

The deep healing power of getting to sleep by 10pm Ayurveda is a 5000 yr old deep medicine and science that evolved alongside yoga.  It teaches us how to be in sync with our circadian clock and thus find the


5 tips to get YOUNGER every day

Would you like 4 tips to get younger every day?  Who wouldn’t?  Change your perception of aging. Our beliefs are our biology. Neuroscience studies now show that we can change our brains just by thinking.  When you can imagine what you are