I am a Health coach, yoga instructor, mountain guide, mom, and wife dedicated to helping people achieve their highest level of wellness. For 20 years, I've worked in wilderness therapy, guiding people on adventures around the world, studying & teaching yoga. My commitment is helping people feel their best, optimize their bodies, move from overwhelm to ease, and have amazing relationships. My goal is to inspire others to step into their deeper purpose & share their gifts with the world.

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Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop

Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop Come join me to learn Meditation & Mindfulness Practices! learn to keep your mind calm, clear, and focused on what you are really wanting.  We get whatever we focus on whether we want it or not,


Sign up NOW for a 7 day Cleanse of the Body, Mind & Home

Reset your digestive system with this 7-day detox &  step into the most vibrant year ever!   If you are like me, you may need a little reset from the sweets and celebrations of the holiday.  As I become more aware,


When I look forward, …

My story, what’s yours? When I look forward, I see brilliant sparkling jewels, butterflies dancing in the wind, children laughing, waterfalls cascading down on my warm vibrant body. This is the cycle where I step into an abundant field of possibilities.  I